Simple Announcements for Jira Cloud

Show important announcements and reminders to Jira users, or Service Desk customers.

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Info Announcement

Set the color of your announcement, pick an icon, give it a title, and enter a message.

Essily Create Announcements

Creating an announcement is as easy as selecting your target audience, deciding on the visuals, and entering your message.

Dashboard Widget

The announcements dashboard widget makes it possible to show announcements on any Jira Dashboard. It also has the added benefit of showing all active announcements.

Solid Banners

Banner style announcements have a solid background, making them perfecct for more urgent announcements that need a bit more "severity".


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Caveats and useful things to know

Managing Announcements

Quickstart to get you up and running

Authoring Announcements

Create rich announcements for your users


Unforuntately, no.

Atlassian doesn't provide many locations for addon developers to inject content. As such, we are currently restricted to showing announcements on the issue details screen, Jira Dashboards, as well as all Service Desk related screens.

Of course, once Atlassian adds more locations in the UI, we will add them to this app.


You can create multiple announcements and have them active at the same time. The same counts for scheduled announcements as well. The addon will always grab the first announcement a user needs to see, and then once the user has acknowledged it, we automatically load the next announcement until all of the active ones have been shown to the user. Thus, users only deal with 1 announcement at a time, but all the announcements are shown one after another.

Atlassian has removed Jira Announcement Banners as a feature and they are no longer available in Jira Cloud.

While Atlassian has announced some intent on bringing back basic Announcement Banners, the last update was many months ago, and there are no news when this might actually happen.

As such, this app currently provides one of the only ways to show Announcements in Jira Cloud at all.

At the moment, only Service Desk projects allow for project-specific announcements (called Customer Announcements). These however only display in the Service Desk related screens, and not the Jira screens.

More granular announcement visibility, either for specific projects, or even specific user groups is on our roadmap however.


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