Introduction / Why use this app?

Simple Announcements gives you the ability to display announcements in your Jira Cloud instance. These banners can be shown on Jira Dashboards, Issue screens, and in Servide Desk.

If you're asking yourself why you would want to use this addon, the answer is simple:

Several years ago, Atlassian removed the ability for Jira Cloud customers to create announcement banners in Jira Cloud. Atlassian still has the ability to show announcements, but the functionality remains inaccessible to users/administrators in Jira Cloud.

While Atlassian has indicated that the built-in, standard announcements might come back sometime in the future, as of this moment, there is no word from Atlassian on the status of this, and when it might actually happen. (So far, it's been years).

As such, this app currently provides one of the only ways to show Announcements in Jira Cloud at all.