The addon currently has a few limitations you should be aware of:

- Due to several limitations with Jira Cloud, we can only show Announcements on the Jira Dashboard, the Issue Details screen, and within Service Desk. Other screens in Jira are currently not supported since Atlassian doesn't provide any way for us to hook into those screens.

- In order to display Announcements on the Dashboard, you will have to add our Announcements Dashboard widget to the relevant Jira Dashboard (like the System Dashaboard). Without this widget, our code doesn't get loaded, and the Announcements wouldn't be displayed on the Dashboard itself. Announcements will however always show on the Issue screen without you having to do anything special.

- We are currently imposing a limit of 10 active announcements. An active announcement is one that is marked as "active". Active Announcements that are scheduled for the future count towards this limit. You can deactivate old or future announcements. Any Inactive announcements do not count towards this limit, and can have an unlimited number of inactive announcements.

NOTE: this limit will be lifted in the future, as we improve our infrastructure, and get a better handle on the load requirements across larger Jira instances.